Anyone can be a victim - What can YOU do?

I was one of those women who accidentally fell into being a victim at the age of 21.  The relationship if that’s what you could call it only lasted two years but it felt like a lifetime.  It was hell on earth, I was drugged and terrified of what he would/could do to me and I had no idea how to get out or what help was available to me.

Farming with children - How to do it safely

Farming offers a unique environment and wonderful opportunities for children/adolescents to learn, grow, develop in and to learn the value of hard work and responsibilities.

Traditionally we have seen farming as a 'family affair' with parents, children and grandchildren by the generations, learning and passing on the skills of our land. Now, how can we do it safely?

Tips for managing sleep with little ones, while juggling farm life

As a sleep consultant, I have worked with many different families from all walks of life. Most have pressures from various areas, be it family members, work life, or other children, but none have quite had stress and pressure like farming families!

Sophie Lloyd is a Certified child and infant sleep consultant for Baby Sleep Consultant NZ, and has a background in nursing and postgraduate science.

It's time to get resourceful!

I am sure a lot of you are well aware that the dairy price forecast is not looking very good for next season with it likely to be closer to the $3 mark than $4-$5. This is a real international issue right now and although we can't do anything to influence it - we can do our best to survive it and I'm hoping I can give you some tips to do that.