Your chance to own a piece of Farming Mums NZ...


This recipe book has been a huge and widely anticipated project within the group. The recipes contained are all from our members and have been tested by others once, if not twice.


In 2016-17 we donated $12,500 to the Rural Support Trust and $12,500 to St Johns from the proceeds of our book, selling 2,500 of them!

Most of the photographs have been taken by professional photographers from within the group and the people featured are our friends and family.

The project coordinators and designers have put all of this together while balancing their own lives, farms and families, expecting nothing in return. It has been a mammoth task but we feel it has been entirely worthwhile.

The charities the group have decided to donate $5 from each book to, are the Rural Support Trust and St John Ambulance.

Worksafe NZ has been kind enough to donate $4000 towards the first print of the book and it wouldn’t have been possible without them and that support.

We hope you enjoy this book as much as we have enjoyed watching it come to life


-        Chanelle O’Sullivan