FMNZ Leveled Up Ep1: Kate Taylor

FMNZ Leveled Up Ep1: Kate Taylor

The first FMNZ Leveled Up Podcast brought Kate Taylor in to chat about her background, her journalism career and how she maintains a balance between her family and her job(s).

We talked about Kate's rural fire service involvement, her Kellogg Rural Leadership Project and the book she has just launched; "50 Years Young, A History of the Young Farmer of the Year"

This episode has some real gems when it comes to tried and true advice as well as tips and tricks to make sure you are in tune with your values - as when you understand and recognise your values, it can be key to knowing when to say yes and when to say no - this also goes hand in hand with continued personal and professional development.

We also talk about building and maintaining those core groups of friends to help you along through the years and about getting outside!

Kate is a multi-talented woman with a true passion for rural New Zealand and telling people's story.  To follow Kate's journey and stories, head to her Facebook page - CommuniKate.

A key take away?

Say yes to knowledge

Say yes to networking

Say yes to Mentoring

Why a podcast for Farming Mums NZ and the wider rural industry?

My name is Chanelle O'Sullivan. I am interviewing both women and men within the primary industries and rural New Zealand who are thinking outside the box. Who are entrepreneurs, thought leaders, CEO’s, campaign leaders, in governance, life coaches, career experts, communicators, health and fitness professionals - anyone doing something from rural New Zealand who didn’t let rural-life, partners working long hours or geographical location, hold them back.  

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